Family houses projects - how to make the dream a reality

Family houses projects

Modern civilization and society urbanizovannost reached that boiling point, when the city dweller, willingly or unwillingly begins to dream about their own "house in the village." That's what I saw myself in a country cottage, in the fireplace room, though in a dream. Then I did not think to build a small house - it is very laborious and time-consuming work is not a specialist.

The importance of the issue, I realized only when I met with the architect who designed the sleeping areas. Until that time, I thought of drawing rooms plan on notebook sheet in the box, enough so that he was considered a project of the cottage. Here is me and explained on the fingers, what it is.

It appears to do one job on the design, the forces have to make not only an architect, but also designers. Now it became clear that in addition to drawing the internal floor plan, it is necessary to design and appearance of its nest. Architect brings all of our dreams and needs to reality.

When the architectural idea embodied in the sketches, it is taken for designers. It is necessary to make calculations of the foundation, in view of its type and materials. All of this is tied to the relief of the land. Calculates the walls and ceilings, and their pressure on the foundation. Different variants of roof structures is evaluated. If not all the necessary calculations, none of the projects of cottages will not get permission to enter it into operation will be performed. Then you will not be able to use the basic communications. Getting this permission can take a lot of time, as provided sketches are thoroughly tested.

But now the work done, with all drawings and designs, economically sound, and above all professionally decorated, can bear the proud name - the "project". It remains to find a good construction company, and you can begin to build their dreams.