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angry birds

An incredible amount of time I felt the burning uncontrollable desire to see a new picture to the box with your own eyes, and one of the first only after seeing a trailer; meager at first glance the plot, not the best actors - but if the video trailer surprised that all these disadvantages can close your eyes and go for the sort of pig in a poke.

Bad as video clip, of course, is unlikely to cause you to abandon the campaign to the premiere, especially if this loud premiere, the actors are good, and perhaps your favorite, but the synopsis is able to cause intrigue and interest. However, it spoils the impression Well; you will not feel that euphoria and anticipation set too critical.

Besides, it is not sad, trailers often deceive us, and are by no means a guarantee of success of the picture. fingers will not be enough to count the number of times all the best moments of the film were shown in the trailer, and the movie itself proved boring crafts pursuing purely commercial interest.

Unlike the Angry Birds online games at site, new movie trailer has deceived us with his. "Catastrophe" - such was the opinion of many who saw this strange video with stupid jokes about feces, various parts of the body, and the like in the same spirit. As icing on the cake - the birds somehow ended up with his hands and feet, and looked in such a pretty ridiculous, but it's still mine, already extinct, carping. Few could then see the political subtext of the film.

And, you know, perhaps, the first time I'm glad that I cheated in my life!

It seems as if there traditional and utterly hackneyed plot? Fortunately, you're wrong: for the whole picture action develops rapidly and boldly, not be able to meet any slack. On the logicality of the narrative and the characters motivation, too, everything is in order; of course, it has all sorts of boring cliches like pronunciation pretentious speech heroes who all previously oppressed and did not understand, and after - the extraordinary rise of the masses, wild cries of encouragement and the struggle for the salvation of all and sundry. Without that today manage somehow became difficult. As the same bonus - well told story of becoming heroes with childhood memories and all that should be done in such cases.

Perhaps you feel as if the humor is mostly a third-level, only for demanding bread and circuses? Take a breath of relief as I did it: Trailer cruelly deceived you. Eagle and eternal ass pigs shown in the trailer - it's all of the humor category of "very or extremely stupid children", the rest - the humor is not as thin as I would like, but still pleasantly surprising, especially against the background of some modern comedies. A lot of jokes, understand that only adults (remember the birds crossing the road, and a replica of Reda), a lot of details, the attention which is not emphasized, but which are quite fun and look who gets interesting, because often in the movie a bunch of a sort of chips, allusions, references, and others, to seek to become tedious. This is not the case; which alone is worth the book "50 shades of green", humbly standing on the ship pigs or pig poster clothes famous brand with the name change. Like them, I will not reveal the secret. For me, there is great merit localizers that all the phrases correctly translated into Russian, not to get lost in this large share of salt and meaning.

Just a joke The Angry Birds Movie too rich. They are many and they are funny; what else is needed for happiness, considering that it is as if a film for children? It is foolish and pointless it would be to talk about them, therefore only mention the genius of the scene of the first appearance of a large red bird, when they read his file; pay special attention to it. Well, even a third-rate character completely from the game took quite an important role in the plot and the character of it turned out to be well-elaborated and transferred out of the game in the film (as it is possible to do). How, in general, the nature and all the other characters.

Finally, there is the last line of your question - you feel like a movie stupid and senseless. Fortunately, you only think. As many have noticed, the film - a kind of a political pamphlet on the situation in Europe, although there may be many interpretations. I will not talk about the well-known interpretation, assuming that a pig - migrants Island - Europe, the eagle - the United States. It is really very interesting and real, and in the film a lot of proof, such as the monologue of a judge who explains why a bird can not fly, "we have nowhere else to fly!" Or the same eagle, as a result took away all the glory to himself - than not America? Minus one from this interpretation - all it knows in her explanations and thousands of thousands of examples. Therefore, briefly I give some of my ideas. Why not, say, to think, if Ed - Russia, unsociable and selfish, you get used to life in the community, the island - this is Germany, and pigs - the Americans and the British, trying to prevent the union of Russian and German, which has been a century afraid all Anglo-Saxon world, and which has prevented the British in the early 20th century? Watch the movie and you will find this idea is not so crazy as you think now, if you are still reading my review, not moved to the next, sarcastically, twisting his finger to his temple.

Miraculously, Rovio! Angry Birds remain in my heart forever!