M-Ore Mod for Minecraft Game

M-Ore Mod

The ideal mod for Minecraft game, as proposed by the developers, was called M-Ore Mod. It is with his help that there is an opportunity to add a new ore to his world.

And accordingly this particular feature will allow in some way to update the virtual world. So, if you are pretty fed up with standard ore, then you should pay attention to this proposal. M-Ore Mod for play Minecraft will introduce its players to fourteen new ores. But after receiving these new fossils, you will have the opportunity to get new tools, armor and weapons.

Features of gameplay

Completely tell about all the special features that this mod gives a player can talk for a very long time. In general, it's best to install a mod and get acquainted with all the opportunities that it gives, but for now let's consider the most important features of the mod.

To begin with, we note that he perfectly diversifies the Minecraft game. Each mine will receive a special change. And now it's much easier to find ore. In order to get a new tool, with new improved features, you do not need to carry out particularly complex work. All that is required is by applying a standard recipe, add a new ore instead of iron. And in this way, it is possible to update absolutely everything that is made of iron. It can be armor and tools, and much more.


As for the novelties presented in this fashion, you should pay attention to the appearance of fourteen completely new ores. The list of such novelties includes such metals as copper, silver, granite, Rubies and tin. But this is not all ore. You can also notice the presence of titanium, bronze, uranium, and even a meteorite. Well, the main thing is not to forget about sapphires and red granite.

M-Ore Mod 2

So as you can see, M-Ore Mod is a great idea. Developers have worked very well, and now the minecraft game has every chance to become even more interesting, even more popular and more practical. Of course, if there are so many useful and even precious ores, it's just impossible not to be happy and not start playing with new forces.