Dying Light: Bad Blood Game Already in Early Access

Dying Light: Bad Blood Game Already in Early Access

Techland added PvP to its main zombie hit Dying Light. How does the project look like in toga and does he like players?

A separate regime of the royal battle in the form of Dying Light: Bad Blood came out on September 13, 2018, that is, on Thursday. As it usually happens with products from early access, especially with royal battles, the content of the novelty is enough for 1-2 days of study. The further success of the game depends on how much this content is pleasant to itself.

For now, you can safely say - Dying Light: Bad Blood norms. The threshold of quality she overstepped, the benefit of the original has already been tested by time and a huge base of fans. Only this threshold is very low due to dozens of unsuccessful early access products.

Optimized multiplayer battle for 12 people, who run up a close map from the crowds of zombies. In addition to the murders, the card is pleasant, notable for a tolerable amount of injections like nests with zombie material, which are needed for diversity and raising the level of the character.

The main feature of Dying Light: Bad Blood is the emphasis on hand-to-hand combat and parkour. Rubilovo accounted for by the way because of the narrow communal spaces, the crowds of zombies and the need to act secretly and quickly. The second, already mentioned, is leveling, which adds pleasant elements of farming, because of which few will feel that it is wasting time.

Dying Light Bad Blood

Unpleasant disadvantages are the absence of joint regimes and localization. But with the game is clearly something is wrong, because its online barely exceeds 400 people. Of course, the problem is already described. Too few pluses for the game, which should be Free To Play, to buy it.

Many players simply stated that they are bored to play - the variety of situations and places spawn is minimal. Against such an assessment and say nothing - it is possible that they just never played in Dying Light and went purely because of the loud announcement. But while the reviews of fans of the original after the beta test finish the game 70 percent of positive reviews.