About Jupiter Ascending

About Jupiter Ascending

Jupiter Ascending, long-awaited and much-hyped film, which is expected to look Wachowski fans. The film is very beautiful from a visual standpoint, beautiful costumes, beautiful views of the sky and terrifying flying machines and ships, gorgeous. But perhaps the positive aspects of this come to an end and the chaos begins.

Among the shortcomings I did not like the story itself, as though the writers at the beginning of the film wanted to create a story about alien invaders such as (Martians), but then forgot about this topic and decided to shoot the story of Cinderella, which cleans the toilet, helping the rich fool to pick up clothes and dreams of a new life. And all this of course happens by chance, it is an alien princess.

Mila Kunis has played so-so secondary, it makes a big surprised and frightened eyes, when it is necessary, acting talent and I have not noticed, just a pretty face for the screen no more. Channing Tatum as an alien robot soldier angel, or anything special and outstanding. Sean Bean in the role of a retired officer, harsh and cold. But with all due respect to him it was strange to see him in this film, the Wachowski Base sisters. Sean Bean is one of the few actors that I like for the courage and brutality.

I do not write negative reviews due to the fact that I respect the work of the director, the actors and the entire crew. But looking at this film I scratched his arms and wanted to put the lowest rating, but that I was stopped by Sean Bean.