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Pokemon is one of the most popular media franchises, which became known since 1996 when Satoshi Tajiri came up with these "pocket monsters" - this is the meaning of the word Pokemon in translation.

Who are these Pokémon? Well, firstly, these are invented creatures from a fictional universe, and, secondly, they are relatively small in size and have extraordinary abilities. In that universe in which Pokémon live, there are also people. People are coaches who teach Pokémon the art of fighting. A well-trained Pokemon comes out against the other Pokémon. Such fights end when one of the opponents falls from the loss of consciousness or in the event that his personal trainer does not surrender. The main character of this game is a boy named Ash Ketchum. He is Pikachu's Pokémon coach.

A variety of games about Pokemon you can find here on our website. Having chosen the one you like, you can take part in Pokémon fights. Any of these games will allow you to feel like a coach and collect a collection of the most diverse Pokémon Go fighters, and in fact among the Pokémon more than seven hundred varieties. They are all perfectly reasonable creatures, and some of them are able to talk.

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