EVE Online receives a PvE update

EVE Online

Space adventurers are waiting for the path to an unpredictable and unstable zone, inhabited by a hostile civilization and poisonous clouds. The bravest and brave will earn unique mutaplasmids and build three new ships.

Addition "Immersion in the abyss" is a kind of conversion of the game process of EVE Online, designed to preserve the original features of the game and add new elements of gameplay - the smartest enemies, an extremely dangerous zone and ships based on biotechnology. Each wrong step will threaten death, and players will have to think through tactics on the go.

So, the zone of the Dead Abyss represents the territory of the "Triglav Community" - a developed civilization that owns the secrets of biotechnology. Their ships are equipped with mutaplasmids, which empower vessels with enormous power. This is a completely new Kizi weapon system in the game, and only players with an active subscription can use it - rare drawings and the ability to build three unique ships will be available to them.

The new spiele location itself is characterized by unpredictability and a lot of dangers, for example, by poisonous clouds. The zone is divided into a number of pockets, connected by a complex of portals, opening every 20 minutes. For this period of time, it is necessary to deal with all the complexities and enemies, in order to arrive to the portal just in time. Traveling is in a group with Friv friends, otherwise it will be very difficult to face the dangers alone.