GTA 6 Release Date (グランドセフトオート6)

GTA 6 Release Date (グランドセフトオート6)

Grand Theft Auto VI is another part of the iconic video game series created by Rockstar Games; the release date for the new part of the most popular video game series in the world will be held in 2019. Manufacturers report that GTA 6 will become even more interesting and large-scale, each player will be able to go through a large, open world full of various adventures and actions.

GTA is one of the most popular games in history, each new part of which is sold in million copies. Since the premiere of the fifth part of the series took place some time ago, the legal question is: when will GTA 6 appear and will the players do in the new part?

The release date for part 6 will have to wait a bit, because it is Rockstar who is currently developing the game Red Dead Redemption 2. Moreover, GTA 4 is still very popular among gamers, according to the company itself, the fifth part was distributed over 95 million copies worldwide . Even today, players are actively buying the preliminary parts. But the creators have long thought about the new part and are preparing a release date for the end of 2021, the beginning of 2022.

GTA 6 - More Than One Hero

In the context of GTA VI, it is hard to imagine this game without several game characters. The experiment in GTA V with Trev, Michael and Franklin was wonderful. A trio of completely different Gangster Taxi characters allowed to build an interesting story with humor and great variety. Recently, information appeared on the network that a new GTA 6 hero could be a woman. This is a rather interesting step, because, firstly, it is something completely new, earlier in the series women were not in the spotlight of the male world.


One of the developers of the project discovered some of the nuances of the new part, he noted that GTA 6 events could return to the famous Vice City. But this time, players will be able to visit not only the areas modeled on the map of Miami, but also Orlando. At first, the creators planned to transfer the events of part 6 to London, but in the end they decided that returning to Vice City would be a better idea, especially if you look at the fact that six Roman letters correspond to the first two letters of the name of the metropolis, which will help in the marketing campaign.

GTA 6 Release Date

Rockstar has not yet given any information about when the game appears on the market, so we analyze the past and circumstances. According to rumors, GTA 6 will appear on the market in 2022. Game events will take place in the southern United States, including the GTA of Vice City, known to fans of this series. Of course, this is not verified information, because the creators have not yet made official applications, but we know that this release date is reported to one of the characters who is involved in the development.