GTA Vice City

GTA Vice City

GTA Vice City, the game that has won the hearts of many people, and still maintained a decent game. What is it such? Home base game Render Ware, engine sufficiently advanced at the time. Discuss the game. In the game you can see the huge game map consisting of 3 urban and rural areas of the desert. The game itself is a real life.

By the way, you can download wallpapers on of the GTA games. There's a lot of wallpaper on the game theme and not only, I think will be satisfied.

By controlling the character named CJ us a lot of opportunities available: a ride in the car, shoot a gun, have a beer at the bar, fly a plane, etc. At the beginning of the game, some features may be disabled, but further passing game for missions and training you open them. Also developed automotive industry, transport was more than in previous game. Now you can fly, control the train ride on heavy equipment, and much more ... From the beginning of the game, we know that CJ flew to Los Santos after the death of his mother, and lived in the house next to his brother, Ryder. The first mission is already tells us that the game is available bikes.

And what about the weapons? He, too, became more, now you can fly with a parachute, wear night vision goggles or a passer score - flowers. Enough playing passing different tasks Once clicked us the opportunity to meet with a girl and invite her to a bar or restaurant. Our main character can now swim, and it is a huge plus for realism. The GTA Vice City game's plot is interesting the variety and complexity of jobs. After the first city Sea Jay taken away in the countryside.

There he begins to unwind. After carrying out the mission, our hero moves in San Fierro, a city located near the Angel Pine village has its secrets. In this part of the story, we learn of the betrayal of his brother's friend, and open up new opportunities - the third city of Las Venturas. Now we have the whole map is available. And almost passing game unnecessarily upset if these abilities are not enough, you can go to the multiplayer. If the brief is samp, multiplayer is just hundreds of servers, but there are ten official. There is also the official site of the server, where you can set the multiplayer.

Currently GTA VC engine developed and created a lot of modifications to suit all tastes: cars, guns, passers-by, or additions to the game adds realistic.