How to Promote your Blog

How to Promote your Blog

If you already have a blog. If you post useful articles on it regularly, then it's time to think about its promotion. After all, what is the point of the blog, if nobody visits it and nobody reads it except you and your two friends?

If you are wondering how to promote a blog, then you are exactly at the address. There are two scenarios for the development of the blog.

First. You regularly write and post new articles on the blog. After some time, the blog will notice the search engines and start giving free organic (search) traffic.

Second. Your approach to maintaining and promoting a blog should not be as a hobby, but as a full-fledged business. I believe that blogging is exactly the same business as any other.

Do you want your blog to bring you not only pleasure, but money? If the answer is yes, then let's get started!

If for some reason you do not have a blog yet, then you must create it! For what purposes do you create it? If this is a personal blog, then show your face. Place a photo and information about yourself. If the blog is designed to promote business, then also tell about the business in more detail. People like to read interesting stories!

SEO optimization of the blog

Even if you are completely new, you still need to learn at least basic SEO skills. You need to understand how the simplest algorithms of search optimization work. After all, in order to read your useful article, it still somehow needs to be found among many others.

Be sure to write each title with a Title and a Description. It is by title that search engines understand what is being discussed in the article. Until then, the headline is the determining factor in the ranking.

Determine the keyword under which the new article will be written. Be sure to specify it in TITLE and H1. Try to use the keyword in the first paragraph of the article. Do not try to cram as many keywords into the text as possible. This you can only hurt yourself. Search engines are getting smarter every day, they already use artificial intelligence and identify such manipulations with ease. Better focus on the quality of the article.

When writing a new article, always try to refer to publications that were written earlier on your blog. Put links only to those articles that will be in the topic. Thus, a blog visitor can get acquainted with other publications on your blog. This is the so-called behavioral factor.

Search engines see that the visitor went to the article, read it and became interested in other materials, so the resource was useful to him. Of these hundreds of nuances, there is a search engine optimization.

Customize your robots.txt and show the search engines what you can index on the blog and what not. If you use WordPress, then there are extra files in it that are better off from indexing. Also this file will help to avoid duplicate pages.

Over time, the blog accumulates a huge amount of content. In order for the search engine to easily scan your blog, create a sitemap (sitemap.xml). Go to the admin area of the blog and find the menu "Plugins". Click on "add a new one" and insert Google XML Sitemaps into the search box. Then do so as shown in the picture below.