I Origins (2014)

I Origins

I have long avoided this film, though, and often come across it. I thought he punctuated with scientific concepts and does not constitute something interesting. How wrong I was.

The film is very long, it seems that tightened at a glance. BUT! God, what the aftertaste it leaves behind. After watching it a month ago, I am still impressed. He tells the story of a girl and guy biologist model. Everyone has their own views on life, each of them believe in different things. Nevertheless, they want to connect his life. Like all subtly related details. Everywhere, literally everywhere slips Eye theme.

Clings as well as filmed, with hints of art-house, a comparison between science and religion, romance and wonderful discoveries. Personally, I had goose bumps on some episodes. Sympathy and experience heroes arises from the very first minutes of the film.

Definitely recommended for viewing! Source: sizimaket