Installing mods in Minecraft

Minecraft ModLoader

Recently from our users I started to do a few a week to fill the request c instructions on how to install Fashion Minecraft. I myself had previously wanted to create such an article, but I have somehow overlooked, or simply trite not enough time. But now is not about that. In today's article, I would like to make out the whole process in order to set different mods in Minecraft Spiele.

Getting started...

Your attention how to install mods game Minecraft:
- First you need to go to the desired path, and create a backup of minecraft.jar
- Then, open the archiver minecraft.jar
- After that, you need to open the archive with the mod.
- After that, you have to drag the mouse absolutely all the files from the archive to the archive with the mod minecraft.jar
- After all this, necessarily need to remove the META-INF folder in minecraft.jar, if you think what it is to remove or delete, then you have the game does not start.

To fashion worked well and consistently, you need to have in your client with the game have also been established and these two fashion: ModLoader and AudioMod. ModLoader, AudioMod they are installed like any other fashion. (Read the installation instructions mods you can hardly above).

We must remember that when you play with the mod can not use the texture folder as the things that adds to the game modes will not be visible.

This manual approach to any mods installed. It should be noted that there are modes in which the installation is slightly more complicated.

Maud and version of the game should be the same, otherwise you will be just a black screen and all. Always inspect version of fashion, like those before starting the installation.

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