Minecraft Games for Android


On the Android platform in recent years an increasing number of colorful arcades and puzzles. You can already call it a trend.

All of them are often even very good, but over time, closer to the middle of the game, you can catch yourself thinking that the new product "does not cling." Most likely because of the rather monotonous, but definitely entertaining pastime due to the absence of their own style and handwriting of the game.

Developers from Mojang Company, decided to go the other way, creating a wonderful stylistically and gameplay teaser, called Minecraft.

The game tells the story of a rather funny and nice robot who suddenly woke up in the lab and trying to find a way out of this situation and find out who he is. He needs to climb to the top of the boxes that are not the best way.

Locations are made in 2D (except boxes, bonuses) view from the side, when the robot itself is fully three-dimensional. The player will move those boxes that have the robot was able to get out on it, thus leaving behind one obstacle. If you like games for girls on android, you can visit the site of our friends. A Minecraft is suitable rather for boys. Along the way you can collect the bonuses, the amount of which is calculated at the end of the level. And so, with each level will have to solve increasingly complex puzzles that are fun.

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