Minecraft: it sold more than 100 million copies


Total sales of all versions of the sandbox Minecraft Mojang studio production has exceeded 100,000,000 copies.

On this day, June 2, according to a statement from Microsoft. At the time of publication of news figure is 106,859,714. Over the past two years from the date of purchase of the franchise has found more Americans play 50,000,000 new buyers. Popularity game just continues to grow - from the beginning of 2016 average sold 53,000 copies on the day of the hit. In Minecraft is played all over the world - from the US to Japan. In the territories there is even Antarctica. Work there after a previewing survey of polar purchased several copies. On the graph below you can see the layout of the platforms in different regions of the Earth.

Microsoft also sells a huge number of different merchandise for Minecraft. The game is the most popular product on YouTube. She earned multiple tape drives, including from Great Britain.

Minecraft was created by Swedish programmer Markus Persson in kachesvo indie games, but in the end turned into a whole business empire. As stated in the WordPress, in September 2014 the developer sold Microsoft the rights to IP for $ 2.5 billion.