My Little Pony: Remove the rose-colored glasses

My Little Pony

What can I say about the show My Little Pony: just saw dozens of fans of the movie, I decided to watch it, and I do not understand such an ardent fanaticism.

No single story, no purpose; is inserted into each of a series of new characters - nothing will change. Constantly there are new characters, which immediately disappear. Sami characters occasionally forget about their own abilities, which creates an atmosphere of absurdity, so that interesting stories did not happen.

Well, if the plot problems, look at the training side of the cartoon: "learning friendship," Just think, people with this problem and no training copes, it is that the teaching of human sleep.

I can say good animation, to the style of depiction is not particularly pleased me.

You can call me a redneck stereotypes, but when men 15-30 summer watching cartoon about a multi-colored horses, this is not normal. For children, it may be, it still did not go, because it is enough for happiness colored flashing images.

I would like to say a few words about the community, which in any splashing saliva does not agree, but this is not the place to them.