Software for removing games on Sony Ericsson


For those who have the phone Sony Ericsson, and he does not know how to remove the game, we offer software.

Dear gamers, etc.! Did anyone of you are having this problem as the removal of applications and games on your Sony Eriksson poor ... so here it is, this article will help you ... well if your phone all the (perhaps not all) of the game or application repeatedly pokopirovalis not wish to delete, then you ASSUME, run the program Eq Java Extractor, select the file you want to delete, remove in the other, and from there it set and then safely removed ..... but!

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But not all cases, it helps! Then there is a second way! Himself treated his w660i! Taken, pull the phone flash card, shoot with your phone PIN and block codes, turn off, turn and quickly getting into the game folder or application, well, where you there is not, the cursor hover on the * infected * file, and many times are repeated presses on knopochku remove, and then repeatedly click on YES! This way of acting is certainly not the first time but if you do everything right then after 30 minutes which then your phone will be as good as new! (For one off / on multiple files, you can delete the phone) then anew off / on the phone and do the same procedure! Not much press but not the C button so there will not function kidding everything will work, do not worry!