Small Kids Room

Small Kids Room

Small kids room - it is always a search for non-standard solutions, how to fit everything you need in room 8-12 meters so that there is at least some room for games. Since it is non-standard solution is necessary, the extent and search tips on the Internet is often useless as kids room ideas design of each small room has its own characteristics (location of doors, windows, the number of items, etc.). In addition, for unknown reasons interior magazines are often called "small" children's room quite good size. Finally, much dictate the children themselves - there is a difference in the design of a small child's room for a three year old boy and a ten-year girl, I'm not talking about when two or three children.

Therefore, we agree that in this article, firstly, a small children's room call room 8-12 meters (often just such a room is given for children), and secondly, do not consider ready-made solutions, and ideas that may be useful to you after some creative rethinking. Which would require almost inevitable, and I urge you not to shy away from it, because spending time thinking and planning, you can save both money and effort later.

In addition, you should encourage critical of beautiful photo Child's room - they may look nice, but Parse can reveal quite unexpected things.

Chest of drawers and a children's desk, too, are separate, with no shelves above the table, which, no doubt, need for convenient operation. That is - the disadvantages of such a selection of furniture in the nursery, where each piece of furniture is a single - room is fully crowded, plenty of space lost in vain.

If you are planning a second child within two or three years, save your future now - plan the baby immediately with two beds. Believe me, you will remember the good word of advice when it comes time to equip the place for a second baby :) However, I assume that the second child is moved to the nursery when he no longer needed playpen (as is usually the case).

Good luck!