War Thunder: Guide for Beginners

War Thunder

In the guide for beginners for the game War Thunder, we will consider only the arcade mode.

This mode is most interesting for beginners, it can fly on several units of equipment in one round, besides it is too early to start with a realistic regime.

So, you registered in War Thunder, downloaded and installed the client, for the first time. What do we see? You will be offered control settings, it is best to choose advanced settings - this will help you in future in combat.

Entering the "Menu" - "Management", you can configure the control for yourself. Particular attention should be paid to such commands as "Weapon Recharge", "Capture of the goal", "Chassis", "Axis of gas". More about the management, we talked about in an article about aircraft management - look there, it's very detailed how to properly configure the control.

Aircraft in the game are represented by five nations: the USA, Germany, the USSR, the United Kingdom and Japan. Of course, to a large extent, the choice of a nation depends on your preferences, surely in historical and documentary films you paid attention to the technique of this or that country. So, here you have the opportunity to choose the most fond of the nation. For beginners, Germany and the USSR are best suited.

So, select the nation and click on the "Study" button (in the lower left corner of the screen). Before us a window of research of planes in which you will see, what planes are accessible to you, their characteristics jumps out. Each nation in War Thunder is represented by classes of aircraft: fighter, bomber, attack aircraft. On which fly, depends also on your choice: for bombing the bomber is better suited, for the destruction of enemy technology is ideal attack aircraft. To destroy all types of targets fighter.

At first you will be offered 3 aircraft. Each aircraft is attached to a certain era. In the game there are 4 eras of piston aircraft, 5 era - jet. To fly on jet, it is necessary to play long enough. Thus, you have chosen a nation and a line of aircraft, which will be pumped in the future, click on the aircraft and press "Explore". We go further to the main window of the game, press "To battle!", And it is in the arcade battle.

It should be added that War Thunder provides training for beginners. To do this, go to the "Menu" and click on "Training". There you will be offered a list of training assignments for which, by the way, gold lions are given - the local currency (donat) in the game. So you can go through training and get a good poker game!

In the arcade battle, we'll see how to position ourselves against enemy aircraft. We learn what is the reduction of weapons, by default it stands at around 400 meters, you can choose up to 800 m. Weapon reduction - the distance to which your weapon will accurately shoot. When you aim at the enemy, a marker is displayed along with the sight. If there is no marker, you will not hit the enemies. If the distance to it is 700 m, and the mixing is 400 m, most likely, you will not get to it. Therefore, you need to shoot a little further than the marker.