My Little Pony: The Real Magic

2016/10/14 16:15
Before I watched cartoon My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic, I have to ponyam treated neutrally. Then a friend showed me the first two series in dubbing Carousel. I liked it, then one pablike started watching them in the original with s..


My Little Pony: Remove the rose-colored glasses

2016/06/29 21:54
What can I say about the show My Little Pony: just saw dozens of fans of the movie, I decided to watch it, and I do not understand such an ardent fanaticism. No single story, no purpose; is inserted into each of a series of new chara..


My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

2016/05/29 22:21
Pony - a small horse. They are low-growing, have a powerful neck and short legs. Probably every girl dreams of having her own pony, it's a very friendly and kind animals. Pony calm, they love children, so ride on them nice and safe. But..