Angry Birds Success

2018/06/27 07:22
The development of Angry Birds was started in 2009. The total cost of work, not counting the work on additions to the game, is estimated at hundreds of thousands of dollars. Appearing in the App Store, Angry Birds games became the sales..


Angry Birds Cartoons

2018/04/13 16:08
For many, the Angry Birds application has become a favorite game, but evil birds are no longer just a toy. They became a hit and they began to produce T-shirts, iPhone cases and just plush toys. Now the director of Rovio Mobile decided ..


Angry Birds - More than Birds

2016/06/03 00:36
An incredible amount of time I felt the burning uncontrollable desire to see a new picture to the box with your own eyes, and one of the first only after seeing a trailer; meager at first glance the plot, not the best actors - but if th..