The Steam was 300% More New Games

2017/08/11 02:18
Analytical company Ico Partners shared new statistics about the growth in the number of games in the store Steam. It is reported that after the cancellation of the Greenlight initiative and the introduction of Direct, the number of new ..


Oh, these Zombie Games

2017/03/30 20:16
Zombie Games are very popular these days. If 15-20 years ago, zombies could only be seen in horror films, now zombies can be heroes of comedic films, cartoons and even games for children. Zombie games are usually very fun and colorful. ..


And again Pokémon

2017/03/30 19:41
Pokemon is one of the most popular media franchises, which became known since 1996 when Satoshi Tajiri came up with these "pocket monsters" - this is the meaning of the word Pokemon in translation. Who are these Pokémon? Well, firstl..